Many options for renting space at EBC

We regularly host a wide range of events such as weddings, corporate gatherings, holiday parties, fundraisers, and rehearsal dinners. A variety of spaces, and food & drink options are available — ensuring your event held here at the Brewery is a hit!

Browse our spaces and also our catering menu, where you can download and review the menu at your leisure. We provide a convenient contact form where you can send us an inquiry and we can begin designing you the perfect party.

Below is a brief description of the rooms we have available here at EBC for your private event(s). Party size of 30 or more required.


The Beer Garden:

Our blooming Beer Garden will be available for rental for private events on a limited basis throughout the year. Please check with our sales staff for availability and rental rates.


Private Dining Room:

Our upstairs dining room is roomy and elegant, featuring a mixture of rustic and contemporary décor. Great for large group dining events. Available year round. Holiday Rates apply.


Tasting Room and Mezzanine:

Both the tasting room and the Mezzanine are available weekdays after 5:00 PM, and anytime on weekends. Featuring a full service bar and spacious tasting area, overlooking our huge Classic German brewhouse, this space is perfect for any social event, rehearsal dinner, or mixer.



You can rent just the Brewery, or the Brewery with Tasting Room, Mezzanine, and Private Dining — depending on your event size. These are available all year long. These are only available after 5:00 PM weekdays, and anytime on weekends. Holiday Rates Apply.


Pub and Garden Room:

Our beautiful Pub & Garden Room is the perfect backdrop to your next private event. A lovely and versatile event space, you will impress your guests! Seasonal note : The Pub & Garden Room is not available on weekends during the summer months (Saturday or Sundays June-Aug). No rental available from 3rd week in December-Mardi Gras weekend. Holiday Rates apply.

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Getting Started

Use our convenient inquiry form below to contact the Brewery, and you’re already halfway there!

Once you submit your inquiry, one of our Reservation Managers will contact you shortly to help decide which is the perfect room for your needs and help you finalize your reservation.

Please Note;

Event size requires 25 or more participants. This contact form is not for reservations, it is for inquiring on private events utilizing anyone of the rooms we have available.

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Thank You for your inquiry, and for choosing EBC to host your party!