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Ellicottville Brewing Company was established in 1995 in the heart of New York ski country.

Ellicottville Brewing was established in 1995 by our beer-loving founder, Mr. Peter Kreinheder, after a ski trip to Vail, CO. Inspiration had struck: an authentic craft brewery would be the perfect match for the village of Ellicottville, located in the heart of New York ski country, also known as “The Aspen of the East”. This pairing of Old World brewing and winter-worshipping ski culture proved to be a success ahead of the trend, with EBC helping to lead a then-fledgling NYS craft beer market.

Over 25+ years and counting, EBC has seen fantastic growth to both our portfolio of brews and our facilities. We currently own and operate 5 brewpubs, a 75,000 sq. ft. production facility, distribute across 5 states, brew 20,000 Barrels per Year, and employ roughly 150 people.

“We’ve been around long enough that some of our patrons came here as kids, and now they’re back with their own children.”

They’ve always seen Ellicottville as a place they can come to decompress. – Owner Peter K.


Our slogan, “Brewed To Entertain”, encapsulates the spirit of every aspect of the company, from our beer to our food, the decor to on-premise events like concerts, festivals, and group tours.

EBC looks forward to our continued growth both domestically and internationally, at the same time staying true to our roots as an early-market pioneer and promoter of craft beer culture in Western New York.